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Teacher Gratitudes

The reasons why I am thankful to be a teacher:

  1.  The students.  For over 33 years, they have given me wisdom, laughter, challenges, and hope.
  2. Other teachers.  For over 59 years, they have shared lessons, advice, struggles, stories and laughs.
  3. The support staff.  For over 54 years, they have kept schools clean, safe,helpful, friendly, and amusing places.
  4. Administrators. For over 35 years, they have offered me guidance and support mixed with conflict resolution and funny ways to grow.
  5. Parents and guardians.  For 34 years, they have provided valuable background information, new insights into parenting, and witty comments.
  6. Books.  For over 59 years they have given me creative and inspiring ways to learn and to interact with my crazy and funny world.
  7. Movies.  For over 55 years they have made me laugh, cry, wonder, and dream.
  8. Music.  For over 59 years songs have helped me make sense of all that is serious and silly in my life.
  9. Family and friends.  For all my life, they have given me perspective and laughter and love to sustain me in the teaching profession.
  10. Nature.  For as long as I can remember, the great outdoors with its wonder and its wicked sense of humor has provided me with both beauty and danger.
  11. Strangers.  For probably 56 0r 57 years they have surprised me in sweet,helpful ways, or they frustrated  me in thoughtless, ridiculous ways.

So I suppose, in retrospect, I can thank teaching for helping me develop an advanced sense of humor!