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Rodents of Worry

Rodents of Worryscary attic 1

Rodents rule our attic.
Hopefully raccoons,
Maybe rats,
Or both!

XYZ Pest Control finds holes in the water heater’s door.
They spray wolf urine scent and set big traps
To frighten our Intruders.

We listen at night;
We wait and we pray,
Hoping the rodents retreat.

Rodents also rule my mind.
Raccoons of worry,
Rats of fear,
Both run rampant!

Friends and family sense my sources of anxiety.
They offer advice and tell me they care
To free me from my stress.

I listen and learn;
I read and I pray,
Hoping my rodents retreat.raccoonfamilyatnight




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What I Learned this Semester

henry james quote

  1. My keys to contentment are connections and balance.brass-key
  2. Not everyone’s keys or locks are the same.
  3. Social media is not always a devil.
  4. Technology is a fickle friend.
  5. Vlogs and “vines” create a kind of reflective “writing.”
  6. Four hours makes for a lonnnng class.
  7. Math, like riding a bike, will come back to you if you give it a try.
  8. Poetry does not appeal to everyone.
  9. Poetry does speak and will be heard in surprising places.
  10. Students, even studious ones, will SLACK.
  11. millieHaters gonna hate, BUT you don’t gotta hold on to their hate!
  12. Noticing is necessary.
  13. Only your dog and a baby 7 months old or younger give you unconditional love.
  14. I truly do “get by with a little help from my friends.”
  15. Learners learn more with time for reflection.
  16. Directions for cfriendslass assignments can never be too specific.
  17. Revision rules!
  18. Inspiration sneaks up on me and tests me and opens doors both dangerous and wonderful.
  19. People are NEVER too old to learn from the young.
  20. People are OFTEN too young to remember to learn from the old.
  21. Not even gumbo can lure everyone to a “final” gathering.chicken-gumbo