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Things Fall Apart

Words from a friend who is a “cancer veteran.” His words are as lovely and strong as the photos he included.

Good Blood, Bad Blood

“There is no goal, but only the path.”

Taoist saying

Recently, my wife and I traveled with friends to Glacier National Park. Our journey through the Northwest included a stop at the classic Davenport Hotel in Spokane, WA. From there we visited historic lodges in Montana and Waterton Lake, Alberta. We dined in expansive dining rooms, day hiked around glacial lakes, and played cards in the grand lounges constructed from massive logs harvested a century ago.

One of our companions is a retired journalist. But the writer in her is still working. This summer she ruminated about the labels for our aging populace in an OpEd for the Seattle Times. Her main premise: “Language reflects what’s important to us and communicates our feelings as well as thoughts. And it’s always evolving.” With respect to words like elderly, older, and senior citizen, the aging labels “start feeling out of…

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My 3 grown sons rule my world as my husband of 31 years rules my heart. I love reading, writing, watching movies, and listening to music. I believe connections and balance will give me contentment in this complex, hurried world.

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